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I have never complained about the 4G service that I have been getting from Ooredoo Kuwait, until about the second half of 2015. Before the mass roll-out of Ooredoo's more affordably priced 4G LTE internet packages last year, the speed of their 4G network was quite good (at home or at work).

After the mass roll-out of the aforementioned service, the speed of their 4G network went downhill. The current speed of their 4G LTE service now is more or less the speed of their previous 4G network. Something is wrong if their 3G network has a faster download speed than their 4G one. I have checked with their customer service, even they told me that I am supposed to have a pretty good 4G reception at home.

I have always been vigilant about checking the service that I have been getting from Ooredoo Kuwait. What I am going to say is unproven and is just speculation. I think they have tweaked (for the worse / downgraded) the settings of their 4G network to make their 4G LTE service seem better without actually making the necessary improvements on their network. Instead of making improvements on their facilities to accommodate the improvements that 4G LTE bring, they just tweaked something in their network to make 4G slower (a lot slower than 3G; 4G ave.

speed is more or less 2 Mbps) and make it seem that 4G LTE is a huge improvement. I think they only tweaked the settings in certain places where there they have a lot of subscribers. The speed of their 4G network in our office, which is almost in the middle of nowhere, is simply amazing. At home though, the speed of their 4G network is heartbreaking.

I am not an expert when it comes to the ins and outs of IT-related stuff. I just have basic knowledge of basic information regarding network speeds from reading articles from credible sources.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ooredoo Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Ooredoo Pros: Affordability of their internet plans.

Ooredoo Cons: How the 4g network is now subpar from what it used to be.

  • Slow Speed
  • 4g Lte
  • Substandard Service
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Their service is getting worse. Network connection keeps on timing out / dropping off. It's painfully difficult to play online games now.


The best 4G service that can imitate and replicate the download speed of dial-up internet connection.


yes .The 4 G speed is horrible since january this year and customer service is of no help


this is the speed i am getting in the night


*Sarcasm* Wow! What a progressive network, huh?

I never knew that they were trying to see if they can go slower than the average data transfer speed of the dial-up connections that our forefathers used.

Hey Ooredoo Kuwait, if that is your objective, you've already reached it. With your data transfer speed for the past several months, you've achieved it in no time.

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